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Forums rules - Please read before posting

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Welcome in the MaxTeam Community Forums 😀

We are happy to have you with us and hope you will enjoy your time here!
To make sure everybody gets along, we put together a few basic rules. Please make sure to read them and act accordingly.

Post/threads that involve the following content will result in moderator action:

1) Political, ideological or religious posts likely to result in behaviors banned under rule 3)
2) Content unsuitable for children, e.g. nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, excessive violence, gore and drugs;
3) Insults and threats, stalking, bullying or any other behavior construed to be of a potentially rude, slanderous, accusatory, combative or otherwise harassing nature to/of another person;
4) Any discriminatory (racist, sexist, etc.) language, actions or iconography, with or without historical context;
5) Use of vulgarity, profanity, parts thereof (S***) and any similar technique to post vulgar or profane content;
6) Reposting closed or removed content without moderator consent.
7) Think about your wording. If you don't like something, preferably use "I don't like" instead of "7moda", "... zab", etc.

Also, please think carefully about posting personal information. This is an open forum where everybody can read what you are posting. So for situations that are of personal nature it's adviced to use private messages with people you trust.
If threads show a high potential of resulting in any of the behaviour mentioned above, moderators might close them.

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